Heat Ranger

Heat Ranger is a frost management system that is cost effective in both setup and operating costs per hectare covered. Heat Ranger is environmentally friendly, relatively quiet and very effective, giving Heat Ranger significant advantages over other frost management systems, therefore enhancing your crop climate.

We are getting a lot of enquiries from Europe where -3°C spring frosts have devastated the French Wine industry and other susceptible crops  (for the first time are being attributed to climate change). To cater for this we have a Heat Ranger machine in France installed for François-Xavier CORNETTE, EARL L’ARIAC, Ariac, 16360 CHANTILLAC set up ready for the 2020 frost season. If you wish to see the machine in operation during the season you can make an appointment with François-Xavier directly (mob+33660505373).


Unlike other frost management systems, the Heat Ranger increases the temperature of the air below the inversion layer, reducing the risk of a frost forming. The Heat Ranger is capable of protecting your crop, and can cover most field shapes through unique rotational air distribution management.

For more information see our product details and FAQs.

Taking Orders Now

If you have had a frosty night that has affected your crop this spring it could be worth your while checking us out. Contact us now as we are taking orders for next season and obviously the sooner we know about your intentions the sooner we can plan to meet your needs, early enough to guarantee delivery of your personal Heat Ranger.

Contact us for information and pricing.

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