The Heat Ranger gives you cost effective, warm air frost protection over a larger area than ever before. The machine itself stands 5m tall and consists of a 1400KW LPG burner and industrial 1300RPM fan and an optional 4-stroke engine or PTO coupling. The entire machine is automated, run from a purpose built electronic management system. Features include:

  • PTO driven or self powered models
  • Regulated heat output
  • Block shape adjustment (tuned to the area requiring protection)
  • Automatic or manual rotation speed control
  • Contour adjustment (coming soon)
  • Ability to create an inversion layer
  • Low noise levels
  • Drying capability
  • Automated control
  • Customised operation
  • Easy relocation between sites


The Heat Ranger has been custom built from the ground up for the purpose of protecting your crops. It has an integrated purpose built electronic management system that fully automates all aspects of the Heat Ranger, which can be started by a push of a button. This includes:

  • LPG Burner management and output temperature regulation
  • Turret rotation management for field shape and situation
  • Automatic engine start and fan speed management (self powered models)
  • Hand-held controller for user operations and monitoring
  • Solar power for maintaining idle monitoring while not in use
  • Internet connected for remote monitoring and logging of data
  • In-field software upgrades to enhance future performance and added features


  • Revolutionary with up to 20ha protected from a single location, depending on crop and site conditions
  • Very cost effective, it only burns about $150/h worth of LPG to provide warm air (for a 6 hour frost this is about $100/ha)
  • Reduced Crop Losses using warm air for higher protection
  • Quiet operation, between 30 and 54 dB at 200m, and no resource consents required
  • Portable as the wheels and draw bar provides easy shifting
  • It is available for a range of climate enhancement options
  • Does not rely on the presence of an inversion layer that helicopters and wind machines rely on
  • Puts you back in control, providing increased peace of mind and designed by people who have been there
  • Using warm air gives you a higher level of protection
  • Much cheaper than sprinklers without the soil saturation issues
  • 5 Year Finance packages available from most institutions including Rabobank & UDC
  • Strong, stood tall during the Sept 2013 Canterbury gales

Heat Ranger is a positive way of providing heat for a range of uses. Each site and crop is unique and specific with potentially large differences in climate, and best use will develop over time with good records and operational experience.

Download the Product Brochure here, or the French Version here.

Climate fluctuations and personal use are out the control of Heat Ranger Ltd, so the Company cannot be held responsible for any consequential damage.

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